How To Prepare An Audition

Updated: May 19, 2021

As we are preparing to reopen Theaters and Schools, you might want to get a look at those essentials tip on AUDITIONING!

We are opening our Summer Musical Season with Aladdin and The Greatest Showman.

Our first video audition are due June 1st. Make sure you take a look at those guidelines, before recording your video.

How To Prepare

For A Musical Theater Audition

Dressing Code

-Dress Appropriately.

-A musical theater audition is essentially a job interview.

-Simple and one color top. No big pattern or novelty t-shirt.

Preparing Your Song

-Know the style of the Musical you are auditioning for.

-Choose a song that resembles the style of the musical.

-Sing something that you know and that is easy for you.

Time your song, only sing for 1 minute! (32 bars)

Prepare Your Acting

-What movie or musical does it come from?

-What character is singing the song?

-What’s happening before and during the song?

-Is the character singing to someone specific?

Character Breakdown

-How old is the character that sings your song?

-Describe the character with 3 adjectives:

-What year was the character born?

-What country or imaginary world the character is from?

Music Accompaniment

-Piano instrumental are preferred

-Don’t put the playing music next to the device you are recording with.

-We want the voice to be stronger than the music.

-If you are auditioning live for a Musical Theater Company, you must have the sheet music

Presenting Yourself

-Say your name and the song you will be performing BE LOUD AND CLEAR

Ex. “ HI my name is Cara Laban, and I will be singing: Somewhere over the rainbow from The Wizard Of Oz".

Video Recording Backgroud

-Use a plain wall

-Don't display your room or leaving room

-We want to focus on your voice not the scenery.

We are looking forward to see and hear you sing this Summer!

Rising Stars, where your dreams rise up to the top!

Sophie Taillefer

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